Seattle, Washington

100 Best New Hotels in the World– Conde Nast Traveler

Seattle’s Arctic Club Hotel pays homage to the great era of Yukon and Alaskan exploration.– North By Northwest, Western Interior

Modern remake of an exclusive clubhouse for lucky Alaska gold-rush veterans. Chic vintage rooms: high ceilings, Klondike-era artifacts, Edward Curtis photographs. Leather chairs, library lamps, antique atlases in a polar-themed bar.– National Geographic Traveler

HOT LIST: Arctic Club Hotel – Seattle, Washington– Condé Nast Traveler


Houston, Texas

100 Best New Hotels in the World– Conde Nast Traveler

Best of the Best (10 Top Hotels in the World)– Robb Report

What’s hot…inspiration galore! Houston’s new boutique hotel.– Elle Décor

At Icon, Candra Scott and Richard Anderson have turned a regal bank into a property made for an affair – lux and sexy.– Paper City

Should you feel, upon entering the hotel, that this place is different from all the rest, you’re right. The innovative West Coast design duo of Candra Scott and Richard Anderson went to Europe to find furnishings and artwork in keeping with the building’s history and the times in which it was built. Scott and Anderson brought Old World sophistication to the moody interior of the old Union National Bank building.– The Houston Chronicle


Palm Desert, California

What could be better for a desert getaway than a low slung, renovated mid-century motel? The Mojave delivers panache– Travel & Leisure

The chic new Mojave Hotel, designed by Candra Scott & Anderson, makes the ideal jumping-off place for exploring Palms Springs.– Metropolitan Home

Either we had walked straight in to a Raymond Chandelier plot line or the hotel designers knew their history when they turned a ho-hum Palm Desert motel into a stylish 1940s-esque hideaway.– Los Angeles Times


Ashland, Oregon

It’s all in the details, the magic of the details.– Architectural Digest

Enter Candra Scott & Anderson, San Francisco-based design firm commissioned to resurrect the old Marc Antony Hotel. The hotel is grand once more, with charming offbeat touches like the Bavarian antler and English transferware collections in the Elfinwood restaurant.– House Beautiful

Few stage sets are more sumptuously conceived than the lobby of the Ashland Springs Hotel…you almost feel as if Noel Coward might slip around the corner.– The Oregonian

I just returned from three nights in this fine old landmark. I feel like I’ve spent three days in a more civilized and more elegant world, a world where Somerset Maugham or Cole Porter might have felt comfortable at home…this may be the closest I’ll ever get to staying at Raffles in Singapore.– The Spokesman Review


San Francisco, California

Hotel Rex has the ambience of a literary haunt…this hotel feels like the setting of a thirties American film…It’s a reminder of a type of hotel that hasn’t been seen since John Huston’s The Maltese Falcon.– Hip Hotels

Out-of-town writers & poets are flocking to the new Hotel Rex, a block from Union Square. The hotel boasts salon portraits, period furnishings and opulent custom-crafted carpets. But the big draw…is the Rex’s regular readings, signings and roundtable literary discussions.– W Magazine

… a polyglot variety that might have been collected over the course of many years…touches of nonconformity and whimsy…Latter-day literati, hip to current art and lit, are said to make up the majority of the clientele.– Interior Design Magazine

The men’s club/literary theme here is played out in jocular rooms that mix colorful patterns, checks and stripes in defiance of all convention.– Metropolitan Home

The world’s hippest hotel…Design to die for…The Hotel Rex lobby recreates a 1920’s literary salon.– In Style Magazine

The Rex on Union Square in San Francisco was conceived as “one giant art project and is dedicated to the proposition that books are good. The clubby, 1920’s style lobby by designer Candra Scott is stacked with thousands of them.”– BUZZ

Checking into the Boutique Hotel Boom…The boutique hotels promise guests an ambiance that is different from any other place…The Hotel Rex has made good on that promise. Using avant-garde writer Kenneth Rexroth as an inspiration, the Rex has the feel of a literary haunt…high style, high service, and high concept.– Washington Post

If Jack Kerouac were found around San Francisco today, he’d probably throw over his beloved North Beach coffeehouses in favor of the Hotel Rex on Union Square.– Bon Appetit


San Francisco, California

Hottest new small hotel…– Elle Decoration London

…the Hotel Boheme, one of North Beach’s newest Old World hideaways…the hotel is actually more European in feel, borrowing as liberally from Anais Nin (sensuous mood) as it does from Kerouac. Jerry Stoll’s 1950s black and white photos lining the hallways recall Kerouac’s smoky prose and double as windows on the city’s old bohemian scene.– Los Angeles Times

The best new place to crash in North Beach is Beat-inspired through and through…the Hotel Boheme is a high style 90’s homage to the On The Road – reading generation. The hotel lives up to its name…– Conde Nast Traveler

For those who specialize in collecting small San Francisco hotels, here [is] this fall’s hottest address…the Hotel Boheme…Rooms at the Boheme pop with warm coral walls and retro checked fabrics. Word is that…Allen Ginsberg (when he’s here) requests a view of Columbus Avenue. And that’s why you’re here.– Travel & Leisure

If you missed the city’s famous North Beach area during the Beat Generation era, The Hotel Boheme is a stylish throwback. Candra Scott’s design for this former transient hotel includes burnt orange walls, lavender doors and such subtle touches as lampshades made of 50’s sheet music.– Metropolitan Home

The newest hotel in the heart of North Beach is Hotel Boheme, elaborately decorated as a shrine to North Beach in the 1950’s and 60’s (Allen Ginsberg stayed here).– The Washington Post

– Chanel Plus (Paris television) filmed Hotel Boheme as part of their showcase of site-specific hotels worldwide. Hotel Boheme was selected to represent San Francisco.


Portland, Oregon

Another era awaits as one steps into the lobby to an “urban lodge” whose rustic sophistication captures the romance of Oregon’s past through its historical detail portrayed in grand murals of the Lewis and Clark expedition of almost 200 years ago.– National Trust for Historic Preservation

The original fundamental idea of Art Deco was that an interior and its furnishings should form a complete design – ‘a total look’. In this regard designer Candra Scott, a native of Oregon, has gone to impressive lengths. The attention to detail and the quality of execution are exceptional and every individual feature contributes to an overall attempt to capture Oregon’s history and spirit. The design reminds me of the Musee National des Arts d’Afrique et d’Oceanie in Paris. Substitute native American cultures, for the folk art of the African tribe and you have the design of the Governor Hotel.– Hip Hotels

The 100-room Governor Hotel…makes excellent use of both Lewis & Clark heritage and its extensive exterior display of terra cotta. Furnishings look as if they’ve come right out of the Jazz Age (or at least a stage set from the 20’s).– The New York Times

Candra Scott, a San Francisco interior designer, was firm in her commitment to celebrate Oregon’s history and spirit in the hotel, which she envisions as a sort of “living museum” with historical art and classic designs in a comfortable but sophisticated setting.– The Oregonian

HOTELS takes you on a world tour of ten trend setting hotels. The motto they share: It pays to be different. Governor Hotel rewrites the rules for city center and conversion.– Hotels Magazine

And in the living-large category nothing can beat The Governor Hotel. Why? It’s the little things. Details. From the wall sconces to the cool coffee table. The Gov. is a Wagnerian/Chinoiserie take on the “Twin Peaks” lodge. Watch for the tiny bar to become the hottest boite spot in town.– The Downtowner


San Francisco, California

Ten of the most romantic hotels in the world’s most romantic cities…San Francisco’s Majestic Hotel.– Travel & Leisure

Most romantic dining room in San Francisco.– Town & Country

…This magnificent five-story Edwardian structure has been restored beyond its initial grandeur… Intimate ambiance of the grand old San Francisco manner.– Los Angeles Times

…Magnificently refurbished…– San Francisco Chronicle

You can really sink into the atmosphere of this small hotel especially in the dining room, with its high ceilings, peach and gray coloring, wainscoting, and tall mirrors, all as bright and fresh as new chintz.– Esquire Magazine

…A truly majestic space…a romantic and genuine evocation of old San Francisco, which has grown into a San Francisco institution.– Gourmet Magazine


Tokyo, Japan

The Manhatten Hotel creates the excitement of an opening night… A truly beautiful hotel in every detail… Gorgeous original Art Deco antiques.– Nikki Architecture Magazine (Japan)

Not only a beautiful hotel, but a jewel… A superior collaboration between Architects, RTKL and Kajima and interior designer Candra Scott & Associates.– Kukan Architecture Magazine (Japan)

Interiors that remind us of an old Hollywood Mansion… a gorgeous interior, using real Art Deco antiques.– The Hotel Magazine (Japan)